Three of Pentacles

PENTACLES 3 ofI love getting this card on a Friday (the day I take to try to work on my creative endeavors in the grand hope of being self-employed in a year). This card signifies early success in a material endeavor. Perfect, right? So whatever you are working on, keep going. There are some signs around, if you pay attention, that are tipping you off that this is going to be good. You are on the right path. Right now what is needed is persistence, good business sense, a willingness to work hard, and above all strength of character. This is a great card to take us all through the weekend! I don’t know about you, but it fits perfectly with what I have planned out through Sunday.

See you back here Monday.

Knight of Swords

SWORDS knight ofDisruptive change. Well you must have really come up with one heck of a sacrifice yesterday. You knew this was coming right? There’s nothing to be done but get through it. Endure. Of course this could also be about impulsive changes so make sure you think things through before you act. And remember not acting is…well also acting? Yikes. I need coffee. Anyway! Sudden disruptive change is on the horizon either by your action – or inaction – or someone else’s. That’s clear…right? Oy.

The Hanged Man

Handged ManWell this is quite a change from the past two days. Or is it really? Here we see Prometheus, who had the gift of foresight, being punished by Zeus for giving fire to the human race; something Zeus forbade. Prometheus didn’t do it defiantly or impulsively. He truly believed this was the right thing to do and was willing to deal with the consequences with the hope it was for the greater good and would lead to something better. This card often represents a willing sacrifice in the hope that it will lead to a new phase, and a new sense, of life. It’s about surrendering control and letting what will happen happen after the sacrifice is made. There is fear, and anxiety, but also tremendous hope. So! Are you holding on to something you need to let go of? Something tangible or something less obvious, like an attitude or a belief? Whatever it is on some level – like Prometheus with his foresight – you know what you need to do to move forward.

King of Pentacles

new-mythic-07631Two King cards in a day. If that isn’t a clear message to get off your ass and start working towards that big goal you have always had then I don’t know what kind of message exists to get you moving. Come on! The King os Wands and now The King of Pentacles. Get moving. Now is the time and you really can do no wrong right now. Everything you touch will turn to gold.  These phases never last, and that’s a good thing because we all know what happened to King Midas right? And of course there is also a message here of be careful what you wish for. Nothing is ever 100% good, it’s all a matter of degree and the never ending cycles of change. You know how I feel about change though – inevitable and inevitably good.

King of Wands

WANDS King ofIt’s so funny that I pulled this card today. I set my alarm, woke up well before it went off, lay in bed until it was time for me to get up, then promptly fell back asleep. I then got up – later than planned – thinking I still had plenty of time to get to work on time only to realize I actually had a morning meeting in another, more remote, location and had to hustle out the door. Thankfully the roads were clear and the first 30 minutes of the meeting was meet, greet, and refreshments. But let me tell you I was not feeling this leadership card today! The King of Wands represents the qualities of strategic leadership with a heavy dose of charisma and persuasion attached to it. The kind of leadership that inspires. So what does this mean to you? What it means to me is that I need to stay focused on “the plan” and not get discouraged. Do you possess these qualities, but are not putting them into action? Now is the time. Don’t hesitate. Or, maybe someone who embodies these qualities is about to come into your life. That’s great too, since they can inspire you and maybe be a role model. Or, perhaps this is a message that those qualities are ones you are very capable of. You can make those changes in your life if you stay focused. These are qualities that make dreams realities.

The Fool!

FOOLI love this card. New beginnings. Such promise. So good. So exciting! Gah! How lucky are we right now? Okay. I’ll rein it in. Maybe I’m the only one excited? But why wouldn’t you be? Stepping off into the unknown; just a big, dumb, optimistic gumby. The best feeling ever. What’s that you say? You don’t like change? You like things the way they were. It was familiar. Comfortable. What’s that saying about climbing the mountain of life? Halfway up everyone stops to rest, eat a little something, and then…when it’s time to go on, well most people stay a little longer. It was so nice resting and sleeping in that dry tent. One more day, maybe two. Maybe just long enough for those blisters on your feet to heal. And, well, since you are going to stay a while and might need a few things maybe setting up shop here wouldn’t be a bad idea. You’ll get back to traveling of course, but right now you are going to stay camped and relax a little.

Friends, NO. Be that small percent that packs up their shit and gets back on the path. Get to the top and raise your flag. Write your story. And then do it all over again. It’s the best feeling ever.


Ace of Swords

SWORDS ace ofI’m always surprised by repeat pulls. I don’t know why since there are only 78 cards to choose from. Here again we have the Ace of Swords. This card denotes change, but instinct is telling me to think about Athena’s sword here. It’s double edged. It cuts both ways. There will be a burst of raw energy – the sword strike – and then we will be left with what likes in its wake. There will be conflict; such force applied to anything will naturally lead to conflict. So there will be some challenge ahead. Sink into it, try to manage it gracefully, and know that after this peace will inevitably be restored.

Back at it & 5 of Cups

I accidentally abandoned this site. Life, you know? And maybe a bit of cynicism crept in. But today I feel a renewed commitment and maybe I’ll even take that step to offer personalized readings on the side.  Soon. Ish. Maybe. Before I bite off more than I can chew, however, let’s take a look at this morning’s card.

CUPS 5 of

Five of Cups, people. Sigh. Interesting that on the day I decide to get back to posting daily the card about regret for past actions comes up. Of course it also signifies that a relationship is not over!

In the Mythic Tarot this card tells the story of Persephone and Hades. It tells the story of her betrayal of him even though her heart was in the right place. She just wanted to get to know him. And now he is betrayed, and she feels remorse, but Hades can no longer hide his true self from her and lo and behold she still loves him. And their story continues from there so it ain’t over yet , folks.

So! Take heart. Whatever betrayal has occurred, there is genuine remorse, things are out in the open, and the relationship is certainly not over. Buck up. There is a renewed sense of commitment here to work it out. Always a good sign. That first big fight, or hurdle, or whatever, ultimately makes the relationship deeper (be it romantic, business, whatever…).

Tried to be sneaky.

HERMITCUPS six ofIt was a no go. I pulled the Hermit card and because circumstances in my life made me say, “Oh, come on. This has to be a joke!” I tried to be sneaky and pull another card. I pulled the Six of Cups which in a way is kind of the same damned thing (well – sort of…cups usually denotes a relationship and this six card means that there may be some nostalgia about the past, but reality is good and that “in love” feeling is real not a passing fancy). Either way it looks like some alone time is in order. I know I personally can’t pull that off so the way I’m going to interpret this for me is to make sure I at least do something nice for myself. To make myself a priority amidst all the have-to-run-this-errand, have-to-do-this, and have-to-get-done that will be happening. So however you manage it, some introspection is clearly in order, some alone time with your thoughts, some reflection. Good things are on the horizon.

The Sun

The SUNWell it doesn’t really get any better than this card. And what a spectacular card to get at the top of a new week! The Sun card indicates a time of clarity, renewed trust and optimism. Success is within your grasp. You are starting to see what all that hard work was about and you are moving forward.