Six of Pentacles

Pentacles SIXThis card is pretty uncomplicated. There is money or something to be shared. You will either be called to be the recipient or called to offer generosity. Faith in life, and in your own capabilities, is restored. Not a bad way to start the work week.

King of Cups

CUPS king ofHere we have our lovely King of Cups again. Time to let those waters of emotion wash over you and get in touch with the gifted healer and counselor within. All that personal experience will come in handy. You’ve learned a lot over the years.

Queen of Wands

WANDS queen ofHere we have Queen Penelope who is the personification of loyalty of heart. Some of the things she reminds us to do is to trust our heart and trust our intuition. She is an industrious, creative, versatile, strong willed, and talented person. So today these are things to think about and focus on. Whatever is in your way, stay steady and find your wiggle room. This is about creatively manipulating circumstances around you in a way that lets you stay true to yourself.

Knight of Cups

CUPS KnightWell I accidentally took two days off. What can I say. That Chariot card hit me hard. Right upside the head. Today, though, we have the lovely Knight of Cups. I have high hopes for him to take us through the weekend. Our lovely knight brings us that wonderful feeling of love. Sometimes it can mean a proposal will be forthcoming, but this can also be a true and deep relationship with an artistic or creative endeavor too. So today, and through the weekend, I say this is a fabulous development. Love and creativity and the promise of a beautiful future together.