The Chariot

Chariot-Mythic-TarotThis card signifies being pulled in two directions, being caught in the middle, needing to make a decision between two things, and/or dealing with some aggression (your own or those around you). Ugh. Agression. Not my comfort zone. So personally I hope I’m just dealing with a decision that needs to be made.

Queen of Pentacles

photo (1)Miss Queenie here reminds us to take pleasure in what life has to offer. Monday is a rough day for most people and so it is no small thing to celebrate and indulge in a little hedonism to balance out any drudgery. Pleasure isn’t the enemy; it’s all about balance. So tonight, after you have been a good do-bee all day, go home and enjoy something decadent: a rich meal, a delicious dessert, a snuggle under a lush comforter, a bath filled with bubbles, or some adult time with your partner.

The Queen of Cups

CUPS queen ofWell it has been quite a week! Introspection, ordinary tasks of living, hope, hope, introspection. Not bad right? Here we have Helen again. I guess this weekend should be spent understanding and coming to terms with how you really feel about things in your life. I hope it goes smoothly for you. See you back here on Monday.

The Star (again)

starTwo days in a row. I’ve stopped being surprised when this happens. Hope springs eternal! Or at least it springs two days in a row. Yesterday that was definitely the theme, and truthfully it is a relief to see this card again withe the day I know I have ahead of me.

The Star

starLooks like there is a lot of hope held out for today, or for whatever situation you are facing. The Star card is the story of Pandora after all. The promise is there of course, but remember that most things don’t happen on their own. You still need to work to make things happen the way you want them to. Now is not the time to sit back and expect results.

Knight of Pentacles

PENTACLES knight ofThis card represents being comfortably enmeshed in the tasks of ordinary living. It’s a time of being a hard-working, kind, and gentle human being, or being inspired by such a person. After all those are some very worthy, and rather unappreciated traits in the world today. My biggest challenge has always been the monotony of every day living so this is a particularly hard card for me. Nothing to do but embrace it and go with the flow I guess. Of course there is some relief in not living in interesting times, eh?

Queen of Cups

CUPS queen ofHere we have Helen of Troy, the Queen of Cups. She is not just a pretty face though. She embodies the inner world of feeling. This means it is time to be honest with yourself and truly confront how you are feeling about a situation in your life. Some introspection is in order.

King of Cups

CUPS king ofKing of cups you gorgeous thing you. How have we not seen you here before? How? It is time for us all to meet the gifted counselor and healer within ourselves. You don’t feel this is something you have within you? Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. I know sometimes you may feel like a hot mess not capable of helping yourself let alone others. But you know what? All that life experience makes you wise, provided you are paying attention of course, and fosters empathy and compassion.


On a more personal note I have been practicing Celtic Shamanism of late. When I walked into my studio this morning I said aloud the name Abhean, who was the harper god of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. Then I fixed a second cup of coffee before pulling this card. I smiled to see the harp displayed here on Orpheus’ lap.

Three of Wands

WANDS three ofYou have a plan, your ducks are in a row, and the foundation is laid for success. Don’t sit back and expect it to all happen on its own though. Keep that momentum going and throw yourself into the hard work it is going to take to pull this project off. You have been given the keys to the castle, don’t be lazy about it now or you will find yourself surrounded by rubble. If you keep at though, you are poised for success!

Ten of Cups

CUPS ten ofOh how I love this card. Ongoing contentment and permanence in the realm of the heart. Seems like we need this after the big giant slew of complications and intensity. Also, it looks like you made the right decision yesterday! Well done.