The Hermit

HERMITNo surprise that The Hermit signifies aloneness or withdrawal from the extraverted activities of life. But if you can’t be alone to reflect and regroup, it can also signify patience is in order. Ah, The Big P. PATIENCE. Ugh. Not my strong suit. Why can’t everything just happen NOW? Well, probably because life unfolds the way it unfolds and we are certainly not in control. Go with the flow today, find quiet moments when you can, be present, and be patient.

Five of Cups

CUPS five ofSadness, remorse, and separation are on deck today. Well crap. Take comfort in knowing that this is not a final ending. Pull up your big girl panties (or big boy underpants) and make that commitment to the future. All is not lost, there is still something there to build on.

The Chariot

ChariotThis card often signifies feeling pulled in two different directions. A choice needs to be made and/or you are feeling a bit of inner turmoil. It might, though, be about competition; your own competitive drive or butting up against another’s. Everyone brings their own unique gifts to the table. Everyone plays their part. Try to handle any confrontation gracefully and try to tone down any aggression you may be feeling. What direction do you want things to go in? What do you want the outcome to be? Visualization can go a long way towards toning down the anxiety and making things unfold the way you want them to.


STRENGTHHave courage. Have strength. Shit is going to go down, folks, and you are going to be battling yourself for some kind of control through this situation. Above all else have faith in yourself. Life is a ride. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and find the joy where you can. Besides, the best cure for life’s irritations is laughter. Even the big stuff.

Two of Pentacles

PENTACLES two ofYeah, it’s still Tuesday here on the west coast, so I made it right? You still have some use for this card right? Well, if not maybe you can reflect on your day and see some meaning here. This card tells us that money and energy are likely to be available for new projects. New projects that just might lead to a very rewarding future. Nothing comes without a price, though. You need to put those resources to work. Hard work. Nothing ventured nothing gained they say. There may be some risk, but calculated risk is the kind were are talking about here. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, but don’t hold everything so close to the vest you never even have the opportunity to win. That’s not to say you should be gambling on a long shot, or even really gambling on anything other than your good judgement and your hard work. Sometimes, though, you have to spend money (and time and energy) to make money (and a new and better way of life).

Two of Wands

WANDS two ofI left you high and dry on Friday and over the weekend. My four day a week job has not been so much four days a week as five days a week. We will see how long it lasts and then maybe rethink some things. It’s all good though because this Two of Wands card is telling me that a new idea, or a new goal, or a new creative project is on the brain right now. It might not be the true plan for the future, but the ideas percolating certainly are going to send us in another direction. Okay. That’s kind of cool, right? We just need to be brave, take a deep breath, and maybe take that plunge once we figure it out.As long as you believe in yourself there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish.

Ace of Cups

CUPS ace ofWell look at you getting your shit together. You’ve worked hard and you know what? You are beginning to understand that you have everything you need. No really, you carry everything you need with you at all times. And you know what? You are ready. Ready for that next thing. Ready for that big Relationship. That life changing one. It might be with that hottie you’ve been running into, or keep thinking about, or someone you haven’t met yet, but it could also be a relationship with yourself. The real you, because truthfully you are The One. Loving ourselves is the first step to being able to love others and to letting ourselves be loved. Either way it’s just around the corner.

Three of Swords

SWORDS three ofWhen I was a teenager and just learning to read Tarot cards I used to call this card “lancing the boil,” which is gross, but accurate. No more delusions. No more being blind to what is going on or what the situation is. Time to lance that sucker. It might be gross and painful, but then you can begin to heal. So good luck with this one. It’s a relief to have this over and done with at least. No more worrying, resolution is possible, and now there is room for the good things.

Queen of Wands

WANDS queen ofThe Queen of wands represents loyalty of the heart and the ability to sustain a creative vision. No small thing. You are on the right path and whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Move forward knowing that whatever life throws at you, you will not be derailed. Whether it is a new job, a new plan to get out form under some bad circumstances, to finally turn that job into a hobby, or to suddenly find that that vision you always had of your life really does seem possible…you have totally go this. Pat yourself on the back because it has been through no small effort on your part. Not a bad card to see you through the weekend.