Two of Pentacles

PENTACLES two ofYeah, it’s still Tuesday here on the west coast, so I made it right? You still have some use for this card right? Well, if not maybe you can reflect on your day and see some meaning here. This card tells us that money and energy are likely to be available for new projects. New projects that just might lead to a very rewarding future. Nothing comes without a price, though. You need to put those resources to work. Hard work. Nothing ventured nothing gained they say. There may be some risk, but calculated risk is the kind were are talking about here. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, but don’t hold everything so close to the vest you never even have the opportunity to win. That’s not to say you should be gambling on a long shot, or even really gambling on anything other than your good judgement and your hard work. Sometimes, though, you have to spend money (and time and energy) to make money (and a new and better way of life).

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