I am a Shamanic Practitioner living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States (Portland, OR to be exact). In 2000 I suffered from a series of illnesses that I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of, no matter how many doctors I saw. In desperation I turned to meditation and, quite by accident, found my way to shamanic journey meditation. Those first journeys were somewhat overwhelming and I made the life-altering decision to find a practitioner who could help me make sense of what I was experiencing. Little did I know this would be the key to unlocking my ability to finally get well.  This naturally instilled a lifelong journey meditation practice in myself. After thirteen years things shifted in such a way that I could no longer ignore the clear signs that I was meant to take the next steps toward becoming a practitioner myself. From time to time I may discuss journey meditation, and some of my creative work certainly supports this aspect of my life. In 2015 I hope to formally offer Practitioner services more formally and regularly to local and non-local clients. For now I let clients find me through through friends and colleagues.

I also like to put my MFA in Visual Arts to good use. I make rattles and hand-bound journals that are very useful tools for people who practice Shamanic journey meditation. I hope to launch a site soon where I can sell these items, and offer to take custom orders.

And, finally, the Tarot Card of the Day! Since a very young age I have been curious about things beyond our five senses. I have owned Tarot decks since I was in my early teens and have used them off and on over the years. I read them more intuitively than literally and I am partial to the Mythic deck, although I may occasionally utilize another deck from time to time (if I can remember where I stored them). Not only are the Mythic cards beautiful, but they are not meant to have reverse meanings. Each card has positive and negative aspects; no card is wholly negative nor wholly positive. So the cards always have the same meaning no matter they are placed right side up, or upside down. This has always rung true to me. As many decks as I have been exposed to and used over the past 30+ years I keep coming back to this deck and I suspect this is the main reason why. The cards are also full of visual cues and each suit follows linear mythological stories (ex. Jason and the Argonauts) which helps jog the memory. Those visual cues were great when I was a beginner and are even better the older I get (I’m not forgetful my brain is just so full!). Tarot cards are a great tool for sparking introspection, something humanity often has little time for and which I consider of great value. The fun factor is pretty high too. I may eventually offer personalized readings through this site, but for now I am more focused on my Shamanic work.

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you have fun with the daily readings.

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