King of Cups

CUPS king ofKing of cups you gorgeous thing you. How have we not seen you here before? How? It is time for us all to meet the gifted counselor and healer within ourselves. You don’t feel this is something you have within you? Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. I know sometimes you may feel like a hot mess not capable of helping yourself let alone others. But you know what? All that life experience makes you wise, provided you are paying attention of course, and fosters empathy and compassion.


On a more personal note I have been practicing Celtic Shamanism of late. When I walked into my studio this morning I said aloud the name Abhean, who was the harper god of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. Then I fixed a second cup of coffee before pulling this card. I smiled to see the harp displayed here on Orpheus’ lap.

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