The Lovers

LOVERSBetter late than never? It’s been one of those days and I really didn’t have 5 minutes to spare! I’m still at work but before I head home I was determined to post today’s card…so here you go. That is dedication because I am really dying to go home. Anyway! The Lovers card denotes a choice needing to be made, often times in love, but not always. Sometimes this decision that needs to be made is one that is between what the head says it wants, what the heart says it wants, and what your instincts are telling you to do. Decisions, decisions. It’s never easy and each choice has consequences. If this has already manifested for you today and you still have a choice to make, I wish you the best with it. If you already made that choice I do hope it is smooth sailing!

Seven of Wands

Wands seven ofIt’s hard to look look at this card and think you are going to have a good day. It all depends on what your definition of a good day is. The way I look at it is, nothing is hidden. There will be no surprises today. You know exactly what you need to tackle (or battle – whatever). That can be a good thing. You know you’ve got this. Just keep fighting the good fight. Today will be filled with hard work and intense concentration. Maybe you should plan a little treat for yourself at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be social. It could be a relaxing bath, a good book, and some quiet time for yourself. You will have earned it!

Double Shot – King and Queen of Swords

SWORDS queenSWORDS King ofThe cards have really been going in one direction lately so this morning I shuffled the heck out of the deck, took a deep relaxing breath, fanned out the cards…and then two cards really wanted to stick together when I went to select one. Who am I to argue with them? When this happens, as it sometimes does, I always pull them both. It amused me to no end to see both the King and Queen of Swords* come up! Here we meet Atalanta (the Huntress) and Odysseus (the Wily One). Atalanta often times represents perfectionism – which as you know is elusive at best – and Odysseus represents leadership and strategy. As we head into the weekend these are two good things to reflect upon. That creative thing that you have been working on or have been thinking about doing? Well get to it. Get it out there. No more hemming and hawing and thinking it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t ready.



*The King and Queen of Swords are not a married couple. Atalanta did marry but it was doomed from the start. Odysseus was married to Penelope (the Queen of Wands).

The Hanged Man

Handged ManWilling sacrifice in the hopes that it will lead to something better. There is fear and anxiety, but also hope and a bit of optimism. There are worse things! These cards really have something to say, don’t they? Big changes on the horizon, folks; message received loud and clear.

Two of Swords

SWORDS twoWell this looks bad doesn’t it? It’s just that kind of week, dammit. This card represents a paralysis. An inability to face the situation at hand and thus resting isn a state of tense anticipation of the impending doom. You know what? F*ck that noise. Rip the bandaid off I say. Get it over with. Face it and move forward. The status quo is crappy anyway, and will change or blow up in your face regardless. Why not just deal with it now instead of making it more stressful by doing nothing or burying your head in the sand?

Wheel of Fortune 2

Wheel of FortuneWe have a sequel it seems. I shuffled three times, and cut the deck a few more and still managed to pull this card twice in a row. You really can’t escape fate. Something tells me you might feel a bit overwhelmed today, and maybe a little like you are alone and stepping into the unknown (and I confess I may have pulled a couple of extra cards to that effect). Whatever lies ahead you will handle it with grace. And it doesn’t have to be bad! Humans always think the worst is going to happen. It could be something spectacular, or eventually lead to a new and brighter phase of life on down the line. Go with the flow, people. You will be a lot happier for it.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of FortuneThe wheel of fortune usually indicates a sudden change in fortune: could be good, could be bad. Whatever the case may be it will certainly bring us to a new phase of life. That’s life in a nutshell right? It’s a loaded card for a Monday. Sometimes it happens that way. I hope everyone hits the positive side of this one. No escaping fate, although we can choose how we respond to the things that are out of our control.

Don’t doubt the cards.

PENTACLES fivePANSometimes, when I pull a card I don’t want to have just pulled, I pull a second card hoping for “better” news. Usually the second ends up reinforcing the first, so I don’t know why I continue to play this game! I first pulled the Five of Pentacles. Look at this card. It looks grim, right? But not necessarily. Here we see a figure (Deadalus) in a tattered cloak walking away from a bright and thriving building adorned with money. This card typically signifies financial loss or hardship, and it is usually coupled with a loss of faith in oneself. Seems grim right? Who would want to pull this card? Then we take a look at the second card, The Devil (the God Pan), and the message becomes even more clear. This card represents those things about ourselves that we secretly loathe. The two cards together: what is your self-worth tied up in and maybe it is time to let go of that. Yes, some financial hardship may be coming, but also liberation, freedom, and a deeper understanding – and love – of our self. Dig deep, figure out who you rally are beyond all those material trappings that society unjustly measures us by, stop dancing to that tune, and become the person you were truly meant to be. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

And because I have the time this morning, a little more on Pan. Pan was never actually evil. He was born unattractive and his own mother fled in horror. When his father brought him to Mt. Olympus it was for the amusement of the other Gods. Still, he wasn’t evil, he was just himself.  Other gods stole from him, mocked him, ridiculed him, all for just being himself and not fitting into their plastic mold. I truly wish this card was labeled Pan instead of The Devil, but classic Tarot cards always have a devil and so here we are.

Knight of Swords

SWORDS knight ofAh, the Gemini card. The card of disruptive change or impulsive change. Change can be good. It can have some rough patches but I really do believe change is for the best; otherwise things become stagnant. So go with the flow and try to manage it gracefully. If not then do something nice for yourself. Then again…that sudden change could be the best thing to ever happen to you! Personally I have seen that even things that feel crappy at the time have led me to bigger and better things, or at least a new philosophy and understanding of life.

Queen of Swords

SWORDS queenMeet Atalanta, the Queen of Swords. She is perfection in her lofty ideals and her high standards. But she seems cold doesn’t she? She maybe lacks compassion and empathy. Maybe some detachment, some clinical assessment, and some strategy is in order. Then again maybe you need to see where you are perhaps being unbending. Demanding perfection from yourself and others dooms you to disappointment; an unattainable goal. You can demand you and others try your best. That seems more realistic. When I pull this card it reminds me that it is important to have a high road and to always want to travel confidently on it, but to also remember to practice compassion and know that sometimes that path gets muddy.