Don’t doubt the cards.

PENTACLES fivePANSometimes, when I pull a card I don’t want to have just pulled, I pull a second card hoping for “better” news. Usually the second ends up reinforcing the first, so I don’t know why I continue to play this game! I first pulled the Five of Pentacles. Look at this card. It looks grim, right? But not necessarily. Here we see a figure (Deadalus) in a tattered cloak walking away from a bright and thriving building adorned with money. This card typically signifies financial loss or hardship, and it is usually coupled with a loss of faith in oneself. Seems grim right? Who would want to pull this card? Then we take a look at the second card, The Devil (the God Pan), and the message becomes even more clear. This card represents those things about ourselves that we secretly loathe. The two cards together: what is your self-worth tied up in and maybe it is time to let go of that. Yes, some financial hardship may be coming, but also liberation, freedom, and a deeper understanding – and love – of our self. Dig deep, figure out who you rally are beyond all those material trappings that society unjustly measures us by, stop dancing to that tune, and become the person you were truly meant to be. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

And because I have the time this morning, a little more on Pan. Pan was never actually evil. He was born unattractive and his own mother fled in horror. When his father brought him to Mt. Olympus it was for the amusement of the other Gods. Still, he wasn’t evil, he was just himself.  Other gods stole from him, mocked him, ridiculed him, all for just being himself and not fitting into their plastic mold. I truly wish this card was labeled Pan instead of The Devil, but classic Tarot cards always have a devil and so here we are.

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