The Fool!

FOOLI love this card. New beginnings. Such promise. So good. So exciting! Gah! How lucky are we right now? Okay. I’ll rein it in. Maybe I’m the only one excited? But why wouldn’t you be? Stepping off into the unknown; just a big, dumb, optimistic gumby. The best feeling ever. What’s that you say? You don’t like change? You like things the way they were. It was familiar. Comfortable. What’s that saying about climbing the mountain of life? Halfway up everyone stops to rest, eat a little something, and then…when it’s time to go on, well most people stay a little longer. It was so nice resting and sleeping in that dry tent. One more day, maybe two. Maybe just long enough for those blisters on your feet to heal. And, well, since you are going to stay a while and might need a few things maybe setting up shop here wouldn’t be a bad idea. You’ll get back to traveling of course, but right now you are going to stay camped and relax a little.

Friends, NO. Be that small percent that packs up their shit and gets back on the path. Get to the top and raise your flag. Write your story. And then do it all over again. It’s the best feeling ever.


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