King of Wands

WANDS King ofIt’s so funny that I pulled this card today. I set my alarm, woke up well before it went off, lay in bed until it was time for me to get up, then promptly fell back asleep. I then got up – later than planned – thinking I still had plenty of time to get to work on time only to realize I actually had a morning meeting in another, more remote, location and had to hustle out the door. Thankfully the roads were clear and the first 30 minutes of the meeting was meet, greet, and refreshments. But let me tell you I was not feeling this leadership card today! The King of Wands represents the qualities of strategic leadership with a heavy dose of charisma and persuasion attached to it. The kind of leadership that inspires. So what does this mean to you? What it means to me is that I need to stay focused on “the plan” and not get discouraged. Do you possess these qualities, but are not putting them into action? Now is the time. Don’t hesitate. Or, maybe someone who embodies these qualities is about to come into your life. That’s great too, since they can inspire you and maybe be a role model. Or, perhaps this is a message that those qualities are ones you are very capable of. You can make those changes in your life if you stay focused. These are qualities that make dreams realities.

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