Tried to be sneaky.

HERMITCUPS six ofIt was a no go. I pulled the Hermit card and because circumstances in my life made me say, “Oh, come on. This has to be a joke!” I tried to be sneaky and pull another card. I pulled the Six of Cups which in a way is kind of the same damned thing (well – sort of…cups usually denotes a relationship and this six card means that there may be some nostalgia about the past, but reality is good and that “in love” feeling is real not a passing fancy). Either way it looks like some alone time is in order. I know I personally can’t pull that off so the way I’m going to interpret this for me is to make sure I at least do something nice for myself. To make myself a priority amidst all the have-to-run-this-errand, have-to-do-this, and have-to-get-done that will be happening. So however you manage it, some introspection is clearly in order, some alone time with your thoughts, some reflection. Good things are on the horizon.

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