Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of FortuneThe wheel of fortune usually indicates a sudden change in fortune: could be good, could be bad. Whatever the case may be it will certainly bring us to a new phase of life. That’s life in a nutshell right? It’s a loaded card for a Monday. Sometimes it happens that way. I hope everyone hits the positive side of this one. No escaping fate, although we can choose how we respond to the things that are out of our control.

Don’t doubt the cards.

PENTACLES fivePANSometimes, when I pull a card I don’t want to have just pulled, I pull a second card hoping for “better” news. Usually the second ends up reinforcing the first, so I don’t know why I continue to play this game! I first pulled the Five of Pentacles. Look at this card. It looks grim, right? But not necessarily. Here we see a figure (Deadalus) in a tattered cloak walking away from a bright and thriving building adorned with money. This card typically signifies financial loss or hardship, and it is usually coupled with a loss of faith in oneself. Seems grim right? Who would want to pull this card? Then we take a look at the second card, The Devil (the God Pan), and the message becomes even more clear. This card represents those things about ourselves that we secretly loathe. The two cards together: what is your self-worth tied up in and maybe it is time to let go of that. Yes, some financial hardship may be coming, but also liberation, freedom, and a deeper understanding – and love – of our self. Dig deep, figure out who you rally are beyond all those material trappings that society unjustly measures us by, stop dancing to that tune, and become the person you were truly meant to be. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

And because I have the time this morning, a little more on Pan. Pan was never actually evil. He was born unattractive and his own mother fled in horror. When his father brought him to Mt. Olympus it was for the amusement of the other Gods. Still, he wasn’t evil, he was just himself.  Other gods stole from him, mocked him, ridiculed him, all for just being himself and not fitting into their plastic mold. I truly wish this card was labeled Pan instead of The Devil, but classic Tarot cards always have a devil and so here we are.

Knight of Swords

SWORDS knight ofAh, the Gemini card. The card of disruptive change or impulsive change. Change can be good. It can have some rough patches but I really do believe change is for the best; otherwise things become stagnant. So go with the flow and try to manage it gracefully. If not then do something nice for yourself. Then again…that sudden change could be the best thing to ever happen to you! Personally I have seen that even things that feel crappy at the time have led me to bigger and better things, or at least a new philosophy and understanding of life.

Queen of Swords

SWORDS queenMeet Atalanta, the Queen of Swords. She is perfection in her lofty ideals and her high standards. But she seems cold doesn’t she? She maybe lacks compassion and empathy. Maybe some detachment, some clinical assessment, and some strategy is in order. Then again maybe you need to see where you are perhaps being unbending. Demanding perfection from yourself and others dooms you to disappointment; an unattainable goal. You can demand you and others try your best. That seems more realistic. When I pull this card it reminds me that it is important to have a high road and to always want to travel confidently on it, but to also remember to practice compassion and know that sometimes that path gets muddy.

The Magician (Again)

MagicianThis guy again. Well. Okay then. I’m all for new creative abilities and an upsurge of creative energy. On the first day back to work after the long weekend (sorry about not posting yesterday but you know…TIREDNESS) it is pretty hard to believe. Then again it is pretty hard not to believe it when I pulled this card again so close to the last time.

The Sun

The SUNWell, how awesome is it to go into a long holiday weekend (if you live in the U.S. that is) with this card in the mix! I am personally very psyched. The Sun card features the Sun God, Appollo, and it means a time of renewed optimism and trust. So maybe that thing you thought might go wrong and ruin your weekend won’t go wrong after all. If you are one of the lucky ones who has Monday off – like me* – I will see you back here Tuesday. If you have to work, well it looks like it won’t be all bad.

Ace of Wands

WANDS ace ofHuh. I’d thought for sure I had pulled this card before. Doesn’t look like it though. Well. I’m not going to lie. This card has to be for you because at this moment I can’t imagine it is for me. I slept like crap after cleaning the bedroom last night (it was horribly unsatisfying because it ended up smelling like burned vacuum instead of fresh, clean room), then the first thing I had to do was clean up a pile of dog vomit full of plastic bits, then I spilled hot water all over the floor while trying to make coffee. So it isn’t going super well so far (and as I look at the clock I am probably going to be late for work too). This card depicts Zeus (I mean, really…did I just describe a Zeus kind of day?) – ANYWAY – here we find Zeus wearing the golden fleece, the world is in the palm of one hand, and a flaming wand in the other. Well, folks, maybe you made that decision? That fleece represents the goal – and the quest for it is anything but safe. So you are gearing up to use some creative energy, eh? Let’s hope it is loftier than cleaning up dog vomit.

The Magician

MagicianOoh! Crossroads! Wow. These cards are really building on each other aren’t they? Here we have the God Hermes, guide of travelers, patron of thieves and liars, ruler of magic and divination, and bringer of sudden good luck and changes in fortune. He is the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, who is also called Mother Night, which means he is a child of both spiritual light and primordial darkness. A blend of earthly passions and spiritual clarity.  He is also, by no small amount of smooth talking to deflect his thieving ways, the master of the four elements and taught man the ways of divination by these elements. Thus he was always worshipped at a crossroads. So after all this…the Magician card implies there are some creative abilities that are going to be revealed to you. Along with an upsurge of energy and creative ideas and a feeling of unexplored possibilities. So after contemplating the 7 of Pentacles yesterday, maybe you are a little closer to making a decision. Maybe you will take the riskier road less traveled? Still thinking about it, right? Me too.

7 of Pentacles

PENTACLES 7 ofOops! Better late than never? Listen, it was nonstop today. I thought I would have a few minutes to post this morning, but it wasn’t in the cards…sorry. Bad pun. Anyway! The 7 of Pentacles indicates that perhaps you need to make a difficult decision. A decision between what is safe and what is shaky. Uncertain possibilities are…well, uncertain. And they may lead you in a direction that doesn’t pay off in the end in the way you want it to. On the other hand, always choosing the safe route…well, that is safe but it is also stagnant; a place devoid of growth. That’s a hard one. I personally crave safety and security, things that for most of my life did not exist for me. On the other hand the “sameness” of a safe path starts to drive me batty, and personally leads to some depression. So…what to do, what to do… Decisions like this should obviously be thought through. Weigh the pros and cons. Something is stirring that pot once again and you owe it to yourself to at least seriously consider it. Should you continue with the project/situation/path at hand? Or should you pour your energy and resources into something new?

Page of Pentacles

PENTACLES Page ofThis card is a dutiful little Monday card. It signifies gathering your energy and resources -sometimes a little money is involved – which need to be nurtured and saved. Sometimes it signifies that an idea – a little hobby you have perhaps – could turn into a profession with time, care, and careful planning. It can also signify taking care of your own body and tending to what you truly need to feel fulfilled and happy beyond the basics. Be gentle with yourself. It’s sometimes hard to re-enter the new workweek in a way that isn’t jarring after a relaxing weekend. Of course, if you worked all weekend today is just another day, or maybe your “weekend” is finally upon you. Whatever the case may be try to be kind to yourself and try to let the craziness roll off.