Ace of Wands

WANDS ace ofHuh. I’d thought for sure I had pulled this card before. Doesn’t look like it though. Well. I’m not going to lie. This card has to be for you because at this moment I can’t imagine it is for me. I slept like crap after cleaning the bedroom last night (it was horribly unsatisfying because it ended up smelling like burned vacuum instead of fresh, clean room), then the first thing I had to do was clean up a pile of dog vomit full of plastic bits, then I spilled hot water all over the floor while trying to make coffee. So it isn’t going super well so far (and as I look at the clock I am probably going to be late for work too). This card depicts Zeus (I mean, really…did I just describe a Zeus kind of day?) – ANYWAY – here we find Zeus wearing the golden fleece, the world is in the palm of one hand, and a flaming wand in the other. Well, folks, maybe you made that decision? That fleece represents the goal – and the quest for it is anything but safe. So you are gearing up to use some creative energy, eh? Let’s hope it is loftier than cleaning up dog vomit.

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