The Magician

MagicianOoh! Crossroads! Wow. These cards are really building on each other aren’t they? Here we have the God Hermes, guide of travelers, patron of thieves and liars, ruler of magic and divination, and bringer of sudden good luck and changes in fortune. He is the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, who is also called Mother Night, which means he is a child of both spiritual light and primordial darkness. A blend of earthly passions and spiritual clarity.  He is also, by no small amount of smooth talking to deflect his thieving ways, the master of the four elements and taught man the ways of divination by these elements. Thus he was always worshipped at a crossroads. So after all this…the Magician card implies there are some creative abilities that are going to be revealed to you. Along with an upsurge of energy and creative ideas and a feeling of unexplored possibilities. So after contemplating the 7 of Pentacles yesterday, maybe you are a little closer to making a decision. Maybe you will take the riskier road less traveled? Still thinking about it, right? Me too.

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