Queen of Wands

WANDS queen ofHere we have Queen Penelope who is the personification of loyalty of heart. Some of the things she reminds us to do is to trust our heart and trust our intuition. She is an industrious, creative, versatile, strong willed, and talented person. So today these are things to think about and focus on. Whatever is in your way, stay steady and find your wiggle room. This is about creatively manipulating circumstances around you in a way that lets you stay true to yourself.

Four of Cups

CUPS four ofThis card typically indicates a time of boredom and dissatisfaction in a relationship. You may also be feeling a bit depressed and let down, but be careful that you aren’t confusing reality with unreasonable expectations. As always, think things through before you act. It’s hard not to feel cheated, but you might be cheating yourself by expecting more than the relationship – any relationship really – can deliver. It’s Monday, so I feel like this is related to your job, but it’s Monday and who doesn’t dream of retirement on Monday? I’m sure someone somewhere doesn’t, but I personally don’t know any of them.

Nine of Cups / Eight of Pentacles

CUPS PENTACLES nie of and eight ofWell I have to say that I am very happy to not see a sword card today. No card is entirely “good” and no card is entirely “bad,” but just looking at these cards is a visual relief after the last two days. Oh, and what is up with pulling two cards and not one? Well something told me to pull both of these. The Nine of Cups is a time of satisfaction and happiness for all of the effort you have been putting forth. The Eight of Pentacles is all about you working hard to learn a new skill and capitalizing on a new-found or known talent you have. What you are doing is going to pay off if you just keep at it. And it isn’t necessarily your day job, although it could be a new opportunity there. No, it is suddenly realizing that this new thing, this interest, this thing you are learning, might just be a very big new direction for you. It’s vague and it seems impractical even; maybe that hobby of yours could turn into something more than just a hobby? Don’t think too far ahead. One step at a time. Keep at it and see where it goes.

Seven Of Wands

Wands seven ofIt’s a wands kind of week so far. It’s hard to look look at this card and think you are going to have a good day. It all depends on what your definition of a good day is. Everything you need to battle is laid out before you. There is nothing hidden from you; nothing unexpected that is going to pop up today. That can be a very good thing. There might be a little competition today, but hold fast. You know you’ve got this. Just keep fighting the good fight. Today I’m meeting up with the girls after work for a little happy hour. Seems like the perfect end to a day filled with hard work and intense concentration. Maybe you should plan a little treat for yourself at the end of the day too? It doesn’t have to be social. It could be a relaxing bath, a good book, and some quiet time for yourself.

Eight of Swords

SWORDS eight ofFeeling a little overwhelmed today? Feeling like your goals are unobtainable and maybe you bit off more than you can chew? Perhaps you are feeling depressed at the slow, or no, progress so far? Well, who the heck doesn’t today with this dang card hanging out there. But you know what? Your plan was likely a good one, your goals are obtainable, and you need to plow through that crap. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend. For me it is no small amount of panic at being blindsided with a bunch of things I had no idea were going to be put on my plate, let alone have the aggressive kind of deadline they happen to have. Can I even do this? Am I going to fail completely in a very public way? Deep breath! Rework that to-do list, start shifting priorities, and ask for help if I need it, right? Yeah. Good advice. Thanks!

The Chariot

ChariotWell today we have a card from the Major Arcana: The Chariot. The obvious read of this card is typically feeling pulled in two different directions; a choice that needs to be made or inner turmoil. It could be about that for you, but it also could be about competition; your own competitive drive or butting up against another’s. There may be a confrontation and it may even be filled with aggression – your own or someone else’s. However this situation presents itself to you, face it squarely and directly. Don’t put it off. It is inevitable. Better to plow through it so you can move forward.