Nine of Cups / Eight of Pentacles

CUPS PENTACLES nie of and eight ofWell I have to say that I am very happy to not see a sword card today. No card is entirely “good” and no card is entirely “bad,” but just looking at these cards is a visual relief after the last two days. Oh, and what is up with pulling two cards and not one? Well something told me to pull both of these. The Nine of Cups is a time of satisfaction and happiness for all of the effort you have been putting forth. The Eight of Pentacles is all about you working hard to learn a new skill and capitalizing on a new-found or known talent you have. What you are doing is going to pay off if you just keep at it. And it isn’t necessarily your day job, although it could be a new opportunity there. No, it is suddenly realizing that this new thing, this interest, this thing you are learning, might just be a very big new direction for you. It’s vague and it seems impractical even; maybe that hobby of yours could turn into something more than just a hobby? Don’t think too far ahead. One step at a time. Keep at it and see where it goes.

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