Eight of Swords

SWORDS eight ofFeeling a little overwhelmed today? Feeling like your goals are unobtainable and maybe you bit off more than you can chew? Perhaps you are feeling depressed at the slow, or no, progress so far? Well, who the heck doesn’t today with this dang card hanging out there. But you know what? Your plan was likely a good one, your goals are obtainable, and you need to plow through that crap. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend. For me it is no small amount of panic at being blindsided with a bunch of things I had no idea were going to be put on my plate, let alone have the aggressive kind of deadline they happen to have. Can I even do this? Am I going to fail completely in a very public way? Deep breath! Rework that to-do list, start shifting priorities, and ask for help if I need it, right? Yeah. Good advice. Thanks!

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