The Fool!

FOOLI love this card. New beginnings. Such promise. So good. So exciting! Gah! How lucky are we right now? Okay. I’ll rein it in. Maybe I’m the only one excited? But why wouldn’t you be? Stepping off into the unknown; just a big, dumb, optimistic gumby. The best feeling ever. What’s that you say? You don’t like change? You like things the way they were. It was familiar. Comfortable. What’s that saying about climbing the mountain of life? Halfway up everyone stops to rest, eat a little something, and then…when it’s time to go on, well most people stay a little longer. It was so nice resting and sleeping in that dry tent. One more day, maybe two. Maybe just long enough for those blisters on your feet to heal. And, well, since you are going to stay a while and might need a few things maybe setting up shop here wouldn’t be a bad idea. You’ll get back to traveling of course, but right now you are going to stay camped and relax a little.

Friends, NO. Be that small percent that packs up their shit and gets back on the path. Get to the top and raise your flag. Write your story. And then do it all over again. It’s the best feeling ever.


Ace of Swords

SWORDS ace ofI’m always surprised by repeat pulls. I don’t know why since there are only 78 cards to choose from. Here again we have the Ace of Swords. This card denotes change, but instinct is telling me to think about Athena’s sword here. It’s double edged. It cuts both ways. There will be a burst of raw energy – the sword strike – and then we will be left with what likes in its wake. There will be conflict; such force applied to anything will naturally lead to conflict. So there will be some challenge ahead. Sink into it, try to manage it gracefully, and know that after this peace will inevitably be restored.

Back at it & 5 of Cups

I accidentally abandoned this site. Life, you know? And maybe a bit of cynicism crept in. But today I feel a renewed commitment and maybe I’ll even take that step to offer personalized readings on the side.  Soon. Ish. Maybe. Before I bite off more than I can chew, however, let’s take a look at this morning’s card.

CUPS 5 of

Five of Cups, people. Sigh. Interesting that on the day I decide to get back to posting daily the card about regret for past actions comes up. Of course it also signifies that a relationship is not over!

In the Mythic Tarot this card tells the story of Persephone and Hades. It tells the story of her betrayal of him even though her heart was in the right place. She just wanted to get to know him. And now he is betrayed, and she feels remorse, but Hades can no longer hide his true self from her and lo and behold she still loves him. And their story continues from there so it ain’t over yet , folks.

So! Take heart. Whatever betrayal has occurred, there is genuine remorse, things are out in the open, and the relationship is certainly not over. Buck up. There is a renewed sense of commitment here to work it out. Always a good sign. That first big fight, or hurdle, or whatever, ultimately makes the relationship deeper (be it romantic, business, whatever…).