Temperance and the Radio Silence

TemperanceWell. I had an intense ten days but I am back online. I had this wonderful plan to pull cards for the time I was running and living at a residency I was responsible for. I thought I would be super efficient and type them all up and have them auto post. Well. It didn’t happen. The residency was NUTS. To give you an idea of how nuts – the first two days I worked 20-hour days back to back, there wasn’t one night when my phone didn’t ring past 11:30 pm with a problem, and twice I had to get up at 4:00 a.m. All I can say is I am grateful for my wonderful interns, and the spectacular help of my fiancee. It would have been impossible without them. I’ve been home two days and finally feel like I can get my life back on track. And what a wonderful card to pull! Temperance has always been one of my favorite cards. It’s so beautiful, but it also represents the need for the flow of feeling in a relationship. The rainbow depicted represents the potential for harmony and cooperation. So what’s going in with you? Have you been feeling cut off, maybe isolated, maybe misunderstood? Now is the time to put things back in balance. Go with the flow, and work to bring back balance and harmony in your relationships – and always remember that the biggest relationship we have in our lives is with ourselves.

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