Four of Swords

SWORDS four ofToday find a way to be by yourself, even if it is only for a few minutes. Rest, relax, and be with your thoughts. A little introversion and a little recuperation will go a long way towards feeding your soul and preparing you for the next chaotic phase of life. Even if you only take a short break from your day – do it. Go outside and take a walk, go to a park if there is one nearby, sit under a tree if you can, or sit on a bench and relax for a few. Enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin, or the breeze across your face, or even the smell of the rain in the air if that’s what is going on out there for you. If you can take more than a short break, even better. We can always find some time if we make it a priority. You’ll feel better and you may even have a great revelation about something you didn’t even know was weighing you down. You can certainly feel good about taking such good care of yourself. Our own selves are usually the one person in our lives we neglect the most even though we know we have more capacity for our loved ones if we have a well of health and happiness to draw from.

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