Five of Wands

20140519-100418.jpgWell, there almost couldn’t be a more perfect card for a “case of the Mondays,” eh? This card represents struggle so have that extra cup of coffee and maybe take a mid-day meditation break to remind yourself that hurdles are meant to be jumped over, but sometimes you end up knocking them down and skinning your knees. It’s okay. It happens. Deep breath. Keep on moving and working through those things that are in your way, pay attention to those details and above all be kind to yourself and always try to see the humor in every nut-bag situation you face today. It’s Monday and it for sure isn’t that blissful King of Pentacles weekend we just had. Variety is the spice of life! Ok, I’ll shut up now. Besides, I need more coffee to deal with all of the crap that seems to be going wrong at work today…

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